Det Dårlige Selskab Live Show

Bringing comedians and audience together at a hilarious live show.

Role Game design and programming
Date 2017-2019
Collaborators Simon Konski and Rasmus Søndergaard
Category Other projects

For each show we invited four comedians to join the stage for a game of Det Dårlige Selskab and we ask the audience to join the fun as well. So far we have held four live shows, two at Bastard Café and two at Comedy Zoo, Copenhagen.

Translating a card game to a live show was not a simple task, and one of our design goals was to include the audience as an active part of the live show, as to avoid the show just being “4 people playing a game on stage”. We achieved audience participation in several ways.

In the first part of the show the audience plays as one giant team alongside the comedians. They have a hand of cards on stage that only they can see. With an app they are able to cast their vote and the highest voted card of the round is played as the card of the audience team.

During intermission the audience is encouraged to write their own cards (on pre-printed paper), that the comedians on stage will then use during the second part of the show. It often creates interesting and funny cards, when the audience uses very specific references to either recent news or things that happened in the first part of the show.

Some of the cards written by the audience during intermission.

In the final part of the show the audience acts as judge of which comedians plays the best cards, and in that way they determine the winner of the show (although it’s anonymous who played which card).

I also made this kewl machine that controls what happens on the big screen above the contestants during the show, (ie. starting transitions and showing the card sentences and scoreboard). It can also play sound effects and control the music throughout the show and intermission.

It's a MIDI-controller connected to an app developed in Unity.

A MIDI-controller converted to controlling the app.