A game where you get to be the hand of god.

Role Lead programmer
Date Spring 2016
Collaborators Nils Rungholm Jensen, Jonathan Klinkby Jørgensen, Julia Lotzow, Lucas Malling
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Category Digital game, PCG, Local Multiplayer

Overthrow is an assymetric local multiplayer party game for up to 4 players.

All but one player are playing as minions that must carry an orb of light to the end of the level, without it being damaged. The remaining player is controlling the all powerful hand of god and must smash the environment and throw stuff at the players to obstruct their way towards their goal. The players hand is being tracked by Leap Motion and controls the god hand by moving their own hand and by performing certain gestures.

Procedural level generation
All levels in the game are procedurally generated using perlin noise, creating a seemingly infinite amount of leves divided into five types of areas. The Perlin noise is used for different tasks such as dividing the level into different area types, mapping bridges as well as carving paths through the canyons and distributing crystals through the entire level.

Examples of the procedurally generated levels in Overthrow

Examples of how Perlin noise is used to shape paths across gaps and through canyons and place the islands in the lava.

Overthrow trailer Overthrow was made as part of a game development course at the IT-university of Copenhagen.