A hectic word association game with a bell at its center.

Role Game designer
Date Published 2016
Collaborators Sophus Kruhøffer, Sofie Grønlund, Rune Weise Kofoed & Maxime Moze
Category Board game

Plingo has been awarded with the Boardic Game Sensation award at Nordic Game Conference 2015, and was nominated for Best Party Game at Guldbrikken 2016.

Plingo is a hectic, challenging and fun word assocation game, where players takes turn guessing a secret word while the rest competes to be the feeder, that gives clues to the guesser.

Each round is divided into two phases. In the first phase all players but the guesser writes down up to seven words, that they think the other players are going to use. The second phase is the guessing phase. One player begins as the feeder, but whenever he or she uses a word that another player has written down, that player can steal the role as the feeder by smashing the bell. Whenever a word is guessed, the guesser and the current feeder are awarded with points.

Plingo was made as part of a game design course on the IT-university of Copenhagen under the name My Words Exactly. While the gameplay has stayed the same, the name as well as the design has later been changed and the game is now published by Game InVentors.